For teachers

Ideas for classroom discussion (and one activity) for Water Wow, suitable for Grades 4-7.

Ideas for classroom discussion for Eat Up, suitable for Grades 4-7.


The Whole Family Happiness Project interviewed me about being a mother in a time of environmental challenges.

My novel, Never Going Back, was chosen for the 2013 One Book One Kootenay. Here’s an interview about the novel.

Five poems published in Fire magazine (UK) in 2002. You have to scroll down the page to see my name.


Some books and writers I recommend

Sisonke Msimang, author of the memoir, Always Another Country.

Caroline Adderson, writer of fiction for children and adults.

Christina Lamb, writer and foreign correspondent. Africa House, is about a castle in northern Zambia. House of Stone explores the history of Zimbabwe through the lives of two people, a farmer and the woman who became his nanny.

Billie Livingston, writer fiction and poetry for adults.

Mary-Rose MacColl, Australian writer of fiction, non-fiction, short stories, journalism, and essays.

Amanda Lohrey, Australian writer of fiction and essays.


Some books and writers my kids recommend

The Harry Potter series, because they want to know what happens next. (But not the movies because they’re too scary!)

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, because it’s funny.

I, Bruno, because Bruno can speak car.

King Hugo’s Huge Ego and The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen, because they’re funny and they like the pictures.