Excited about summer reading

I’m so thrilled that my board book, City Critters has been chosen as one of the Top 10 English Recommended Reads for the 2019 TD Summer Reading Club! The theme this year is the “Natural World.”


This is a free program! It encourages kids (and their adults) to read books produced by Canadians. Kids can participate at their local library.


Feeling so grateful. Thank you to everyone who makes this club possible!


Wildlife in the City!


Hey, I’m a board book author! My two board books, City Critters and City Bugs, were officially published in September, 2018. Toddlers love wildlife of all sorts, even slugs and bugs and the ones adults don’t love. There are wild animals (and wild bugs) even in the city. These books feature photos of the kind of wildlife a toddler might meet in their neighbourhood.


Hello 21st century! I’ve arrived! I’m on Twitter now. You can find me @AntoniaBanyard. I’m still learning the ropes, so bear with me please. I’d love to hear from you.

Yeesh, what’s next, Instagram??


Sometimes things happen so fast, I can’t keep up. It’s been such a hectic fall, I haven’t had a chance to blow my own horn! What’s a shamelessly self-promoting author to do??!!

So, I’m happy to say that Water Wow! has recently won the American Institute of Physics Science Writing for Children Award. WOW!! I’m not sure how that happened. (The last time I took physics was in Grade 9.)

Water Wow! is also a finalist for the Norma Fleck Non-Fiction Award. Winners are announced Nov 21. How exciting! Fingers crossed.

And finally, Eat Up! has been nominated for the OLA Silver Birch Non-Fiction Award. Kids will vote for their favourite book and winners will be announced in May.

I’m feeling very lucky (and a little overwhelmed) lately. Thank you to everyone who makes these awards happen. They make a huge difference to authors like me.