Thanks for dropping by my website. I am a writer for children and adults. I’m so excited that my next book, Be the Change, will be published on April 20, 2022.

I co-wrote two infographics for 9-12 year olds, Eat Up! and Water Wow!. I’ve also written two board books about the wonderful things you can see when you walk outside, City Critters and City Bugs. one collection of real-life adventure stories for 9-12 year olds, Dangerous Crossings!, a novel for adults about a group of friends who reunite, Never Going Back, and lots of poetry.

When I’m not writing, I might be working, volunteering, volunteering some more, swimming, camping, cross-country skiing, hiking, or spending time with my family.

I’d love to hear from you, through Instagram or email.

Links to writing organizations I belong to: