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I write for children and adults. My latest book, Be the Change, co-authored with Rob Greenfield, was published in April, 2022.

I’ve also written two infographics for 9-12 year olds, Eat Up! and Water Wow!, co-authored with Paula Ayer; two board books about the wonderful things you can see when you walk outside, City Critters and City Bugs; Dangerous Crossings!, a collection of real-life adventure stories for 9-12 year olds; Never Going Back, a novel for adults about a group of friends who reunite; and poetry.

I’m a volunteer fundraiser for Malambo Grassroots which fosters grassroots development in Southern Province, Zambia. I volunteer for the Elephant Mountain Literary Festival, the best little lit fest for miles around. I love swimming, camping, cross-country skiing, hiking, my family, and my feline writing partners/preventers:

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